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Ferradiddledumday Reviews

Appalachian Novel: 

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2016 Appearances:

  • 3/22/16 Franklin County Library (Rocky Mount) 6–8 PM

  • 4/14/16 Westlake Library 2 PM–4 PM

  • 4/23/16 Franklin County Library (Rocky Mount) 10 AM–1 PM

  • 4/29/16 Penhook, VA. Water's Edge Country Club Author Event 6:30 PM

  • 5/7/16 Wytheville, VA. Library 10 AM-2 PM

  • 5/12/16 Fincastle, VA. Fincastle Public Library,  6:00 PM

  • 5/14/16 Vinton, VA. Vinton Public Library, 11 AM
  • 6/11/16 Rocky Mount, VA. Virginia Office Supply 10AM-noon
  • 6/25/16 Danville, VA. Brewed Awakening 10AM-2 PM
  • 9/24/16 Danville, VA. Brewed Awakening 10AM-2 PM
  • 10/29/16 Westlake. Runk & Pratt Festival, 10 AM-2 PM
  • 11/18/16 Westlake, CJ's Coffee Shop, 1-3 PM

"Authors on Grayson" in Galax, VA 2011

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Learning Activities

Teachers of elementary and middle school students might use  Ferradiddledumday just for fun or as part of a learning experience.


English: Creative Writing

  • Rewrite the story from the viewpoint of one of the characters. Rewrite the story as if it took place in modern times.
  • Write parts of the story that are missing—the tax collector’s conversation with Pa, Pa looking down the groundhog hole, William coming to Court Day, Gillie taking care of little Laurel.


English: Critical Thinking

  • Compare/contrast Ferradiddledumday to other versions of “Rumpelstiltskin” (See a list of many versions of Rumpelstiltskin at the SurLaLune Fairy Tales website.)
  • Identify elements of fantasy in Ferradiddledumday.
  • Identify elements that make Ferradiddledumday an Appalachian story.


Improvisational Drama

  • Act out scenes from Ferradiddledumday.
  • Perform Ferradiddledumday as a puppet show.
  • Present Ferradiddledumday as a reader's theatre performance, with different students reading different parts.



  • Identify flora and fauna of the Appalachian region mentioned in the story.
  • Research what Appalachian plants had medicinal value?


  • Research Ulster Plantation/the Scots-Irish migration to America, their settlement of Appalachia, etc.—the history of people like the characters in Ferradiddledumday.
  • Research farm life in the Blue Ridge Mountains prior to 1900.
  • Research sheep-shearing and spinning wool.
  • Compare/contrast life on a farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains prior to 1900 to life on a farm today.
  • Research log cabin construction.
More activities are on this page: