I have self-published, vanity-published, small press-published, and Kindle-published.
Patches on the Same Quilt was originally self-published in 2001, thanks to a generous grant from Smith Mountain Arts Council. After I'd sold most of the second printing, I re-published through CreateSpace with a new cover and a few text changes. For more about Patches, click here.
Patches is also a Kindle ebook, as is my middle grade novel, Stuck


Cedar Creek Publishing has published two of my books, Ferradiddledumday in 2010 and Stuck in 2011.


While I don't advocate vanity publishing for most work, I've used  a print-on-demand company to publish my two collections of award-winning short stories and my two collections of "Peevish Advice" columns that originally appeared in Blue Ridge Traditions (1998-2004) and The Smith Mountain Eagle (2004-2008). All four books target a specific region and a small niche market, so POD worked for them. However, by November 2016, I will be pulling these book from print.

The Girl Who Raced Mules & Other Stories (2003) is a compilation of thirteen short stories. Most are award-winners and were originally published in Blue Ridge Traditions, THEMA, Virginia Adversaria, or other publications. You can preview it in Google Book Search.

Where There's A Will (2005) is a collection of Blue Ridge stories for young people. Kay McGrath, a teacher at Madison Middle School, contributed study guides based on the Virginia Standards of Learning for 6th grade. To read The Roanoke Times story about Where There's A Will, click here. To read The Smith Mountain Eagle story about Where There's A Will, click here.

My collections of columns are Peevish Advice (2001) and More Peevish Advice (2007). Even though I no longer write the column, I still sometimes make appearances as my character, Ida B. Peevish of Ida's Salon of Beauty & Live Bait Shop in Rock Bottom, US of A. You can read samples of "Peevish Advice" in here.


Kindle E-Books

My Kindle books include Appalachian retellings of fairy tales: Little Meg Reddingoode and Ferradiddledumday. The Kindle version of Ferradiddledumday does not have the illustrations or study guide that the print version has.


Four collections of my short stories are available as Kindle ebooks.  Miracle of the Concrete Jesus and Other Stories ($1.99) contains nine humorous short stories, most of which were previously published. Read a sample or order a copy here.   The Best 'Un Yet (99¢) is a collection of five Christmas stories;

Rest in Peace (99¢) is a collection of my three Sherwood Anderson Short Story Contest winners, and Over Coffee (also 99¢) is a collection of five short stories about awkward relationships.

One of the Over Coffee stories, "The Roadhunter," is in the Fall 2013 issue of Discover Smith Mountain Lake magazine.

My novels Stuck, Patches on the Same Quilt, and Them That Go are all available as Kindle ebooks.